To Mend a Broken Heart

To Mend a Broken Heart

“Changing the destructive things you say to yourself when you experience the setbacks that life deals all of us is the central skill of optimism.”
Dr. Martin Seligman

We've all been there – that moment when our world crumbles, and the pain feels like it'll never fade. Amidst the chaos, someone offers a well-meaning piece of advice: "Stay positive." You nod, but inside, you're screaming. Positive thinking? Are they serious? Haven't they felt this gut-wrenching loss before?

It's a familiar scenario. Friends and family urge us to embrace positivity, but our minds echo with a chorus of negativity. The breakup soundtrack plays on repeat:

"I'll be alone forever." "This is all my fault." "I'll never find love again."

Sound familiar?

Turning these negative tunes into positive melodies isn't easy. But as much as it may sound cliché, there's truth in the power of positive thinking – or, as I prefer to call it, positive speaking.

Positive speaking isn't about forcing false beliefs or denying your pain. It's about changing the narrative you tell yourself and the world. It's acknowledging your hurt while still holding onto hope.

Let's break it down:

Instead of saying, "I'll never get over this," try, "My pain is temporary, and I have hope for the future."

Swap out, "Everything is terrible," for, "This breakup is a massive challenge, but I'm grateful for [insert something you're thankful for]."

See the difference? It's not about denying your pain; it's about reframing it. Acknowledge the hurt, but also recognize its temporary nature.

Take a moment to listen to your inner voice. Beneath the pain lies a glimmer of hope – a desire to heal and reclaim your dreams. Honor that hope. Your spirit knows you're capable of moving forward.

Positive speaking isn't just about what you say out loud; it's about reshaping your internal dialogue. By speaking positively, you influence your thoughts and pave the way for genuine optimism.

So, as you navigate the aftermath of heartbreak, remember: your pain is valid, but it's not permanent. Embrace positive speaking as a tool for healing, and watch as it transforms your journey toward peace and renewal.


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Øyvind Nyborg

Øyvind Nyborg

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