One Life, Live it Large!
2010, October, 12 Øyvind Henriksen

One Life, Live it Large!

"It is often said that before you die your life passes before your eyes. It is in fact true. It's called living."
-Terry Pratchett

Have you ever tried looking at your Life from a third person's perspective? Or let me rephrase...: Have you looked at your Life like you are watching a Movie?

Take a moment to first grasp the idea of watching YOUR Movie. Newly suggested thoughts take a while to digest...

Now that your visualise your life as a Movie, the million dollar question is, Who are YOU in the Movie?

Hold on to that thought!

Now generally when you want to go see a Movie, you expect something out of it whether its comedy, romance, action or thriller your looking for. You want to ENJOY the experience and leave the Cinema with a feel good feeling! But it takes two to clap and depends on how everyone brings it to the table.

In Life, you are the Director, Producer, Script Writer & Lead. What kind of a Movie would you like to watch of YOUR life?

All you got to do is write your Life's Script, direct your Actions based on what you have written and Produce the Results you want to see. You are the Actor! You ARE the Movie! Live the Life you choose to Live.

Yes there would be Villians & Vamps around in the form of Challenges and Obstacles, but then again, there is always a "HAPPY ENDING". Because YOU WROTE the Script.

Look around you! Life is a Stage and WE are mere Actors. What inspires TV Sitcoms and Movies are nothing but experiences of People in their respective lives.

I'ts up to you now whether you make a Blockbuster out of your Life or a Box Office Disaster.

So, Who are YOU in your Movie? Go ahead and write your Oscar Winning Role.


One Life, Live it Large!

Øyvind Henriksen

Øyvind Henriksen

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