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How much do we complain in a day?

From the time we wake up. Supposedly, if we are late for work or a commitment, what is our first reaction? Let guess, “Oh Damn!", "Oh God!", or the all-timer “Oh Shit!".

Now let me ask you another Question. Immediately after you react, what feelings do you feel? I doubt "Happy" is one of them. It is usually, Anger, Frustration or just plainly being Upset. Whatever it is, it’s not Positive.

Now I'll tell you something I heard, "What you Focus on EXPANDS".

So, when we grumble or complain about something or someone, were actually asking for trouble. Why would you want more of what you don’t want? Sounds like a Googly, but Believe you me, successful & happy people, don’t complain, blame or justify either.

So; if we want to be or at least feel Happy & Successful, all we need to start with is Abstinence from the same. Are you up for this Challenge?

I DARE you to NOT Complain or Blame for the Next 7 days. And if you do, rectify your complain into an observation.

Let me give you an example right here:
Let’s say, you asked a friend to pick you up for a 3pm movie. And for an unknown reason he is late and picks you up at 2:55. There could be 2 scenarios namely:

  1. You shout at him and grumble about how late he was and that you would miss the start of the movie because of him (Blame). You would feel Anger and Frustration, which again as a reminder, are not Positive Feelings.

    Or Another way to react would be
  2. You either accept in your mind that he is late, no problem, what’s the worst that could happen, you would miss a few minutes of the start. You make an Observation to him; ask him if everything is alright. Find out why he was late.

Now You tell me, in which scenario, would you ENJOY that movie?

Well it doesn’t take Rocket Science to figure that out.


To Happiness! ;-)

Øyvind Nyborg

Øyvind Nyborg

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