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Unlocking Life's Meaning with Future Thinking

“I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.”
Albert Einstein

There is no doubt that Albert Einstein was a genius, and his wise laid back quote can feel quite "Zen" and appealing, but I belive that the future is way worth thinking about.

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Visibly healthy, or invisible ill…?

“It would be too easy to say that I feel invisible. Instead, I feel painfully visible, and entirely ignored.”
― David Levithan

We see them running in the mountains, we see them shopping at the mall. Those who are not in work, but who ideally should be. They are healthy, they say. If they can do that, then surely they can also work?

In any case, they are visibly healthy. Or is it really an invisible illness? What exactly is the difference?

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On the importance of looking forward

There is a quote that I like that is a fabulous metaphor for life.

“The reason the windshield is so large, and the rearview mirror is so small, is because what's happened in your past is not near as important as what's in your future.”
Joel Osteen

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On the importance of colouring outside the lines

When children are young, they are learning sponges. Every new experience, every word they learn, every behavior they adopt, is an investment in a more fruitful future.
From the biological side of things to how we're nurtured, a lot of what goes on in childhood influences how we turn out as adults.

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On the Importance of Being A Dad

“I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments; then when they aren’t trying to teach us.”
Umberto Eco

While almost any man can father a child, I believe there is so much more to the important role of being a dad in a child’s life.

Parenting is the chance to have the most fun and rewarding experience of my life. As Mr. Eco stated; you’re parenting, even when you think you aren’t. This is why the importance of being a father is so magnificent. Not only being a father but a great one. Seeing, how you are as a father will be mirrored in your future grownup child.

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There’s No Such Thing as an Adult

― and No One Has Their Shit Together!

When I was young, (I mean younger then I’m now…) I looked at my parents and my teachers and thought that they have figured it all out. They had some secret to life that I will one day come to learn. As they said:
"You’ll understand when you’re older."

We all probably thought that there was a certain age that you turn where suddenly things just make sense and you have all the knowledge to make the right choices.

Then you grow up and realize that there’s no such thing as an adult.

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On the importance of making your bed

I make the bed every morning as one of my "household duties". Now, perhaps this task is expected of me from my better half, but I also know that it makes me feel better before heading off to work. And it definitely makes me feel better to come home to a neat and clean bed at the end of a long day, instead of a rumpled one. Pretty obvious, right? On the surface, it makes perfect sense why I (and many millions of others) perform this "daily chore".

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One in ten thousand

What is the secret to become a black belt? The easiest correct answer lies in the tenets of Taekwon-Do:
Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit, among with Courtesy, Integrity, and Self Control

“A black belt is a white belt that never gave up” 

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On the importance of making mistakes

Have you heard the story of Siegfried & Roy? The world-famous Las Vegas magicians…? Roy was mauled by his own tiger during a show. A pretty serious mistake. But I’ll come back to these idiots later.

I will address the importance of making and accepting mistakes, since there is a culture, especially in business, of intolerance of mistakes.

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Love and hapiness

It’s not being in love that makes me happy. It’s being in love with you that makes me happy.

Happiness… what is happiness? Happiness is a feeling; it is a gift we receive and something we can give to others. It is a song, a butterfly, it is the right butterfly in the right moment. It is a whisper, a poem, a word placed where it belongs. It means feeling at home, feeling welcomed. It is an embrace, the taste of Crème Brûlée after a rainy day. It is someone who remembers our favorite color, a new job, an unexpected discovery. It is being in the galaxy with you and looking at the stars. It's seeing all the universe and all the stars in your eyes while I look deep into them for hours at a barbecue party, while all the other people around are just far distant buzzing noises I don't care about as long as I see you smiling back to me....

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Why do we hate?

We hate because we are taught to hate! We hate because we are ignorant!
We are a product of ignorant people, who have been taught ignorant things. Which is:

  • that it is four or five different races;
  • that who you feel you are as a person has to be in the norms of what others feels that you should feel like;
  • that everyone’s beliefs should be what you believe, for that is the only right belief;
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Don't FIND a Soulmate, BECOME a Soulmate!

Do you believe in a soulmate? A good friend of mine asked me that question a while ago, and I answered without any hesitation…

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Climbing the Relationship Mountain

I feel that a relationship (or a marriage) is one of the most beautiful experiences of this life. And I’m not just talking about the relationships that are good ones! :) Yes, I’m even talking about the Relationships that face really steep challenges such as cheating spouses/partners, porn addictions, infertility, mental illness, ETC. And I’m even talking about a relationship that ends. You see, relationship offers a place to grow; a place to be face to face with your own weaknesses; a place to become a better man or a better woman. We think ALL of it (good and bad) should be treated and viewed as a sacred experience. Yet sadly, "relationships" gets blamed for a lot of unhappiness that people feel. Maybe it's because they feel stuck in a relationship that isn't loving or satisfying. Or they feel abused, neglected, unwanted, etc. I just see tons of people pegging the marriage or blaming the spouse for their unhappiness or difficulty, which is why I felt so compelled to write this post.

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Realizing the Importance of Letting Go!

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.”
― Ann Landers

There's a profound lesson in the simple act of 'letting go'. It's an invitation to release the grip on unhealthy attachments—be it to events, ideas, possessions, or minor irritations. And there's no better time than now to make a conscious decision to shed these negative influences, allowing life to unfold its precious moments each day.

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How Important is it to Love Your Job?

Much has been touted about how important it is to find a job you love. Maybe that's not as critical as we've been led to believe.

My experience is that most people don't love their work. Many like it, some tolerate it, but it is a minority who find work they love that also supports their lifestyle.

Does that mean that everyone else is left to live in frustration, desperately seeking that perfect job they can be passionate about? Not at all.

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On the importance of voting

With countries facing major difficulties from all directions, we all have an opinion and a solution to offer. However, the sine qua non of this matter is whether we are with or against the current proceedings and the administration; our opinions are only justified, or should only be justified if we vote.

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The Power of a Dog

I’m idling at the intersection of grief and exhaustion, and what I think about is how much I am going to miss him. How much I dread the silence of coming home to nothing. Oh, how I’ll miss that full-on celebration of owner/doggie reunion, as if we’ve been apart for eons when, in reality, I have returned from a 20-minute zip to the supermarket.

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On the importance of teaching, and the skills you gain by doing so

I don’t earn my living as a teacher, but I do teach in my “after job activities”. Not as a school teacher, but as an instructor for a martial art school, self-defense classes, and a life skill education program for my TKD kids class.
I also naturally, because of the character I am, do a lot of pedagogical activities and teaching every time I interact with kids, new inexperienced colleagues, or even dogs I play with.
What drives me is that I like to inspire my students and others to be more than they thought they could be. I like to see them grow and to build their character. I like them to learn things they didn’t know before, and let them explore their potential and get them eager for learning more.
And by doing so; I too learn, and I learn a lot.

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Valentine's Day 2016: The importance of loving yourself on 14 February

The cry of the simpering singletons on Valentine's Day is always the same: "I just want to be loved". It's the day for sighs and teeth-gnashing from the romantically unattached and competitive smugness from those who are taken – but whoever said the day should just be about one very limiting definition of the word "love"?

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On the importance of birthdays

Time changes things. Or rather, things — be it abstract or tangible — change with time.

One day ends to give way to another. And another. The earth slowly rotates and revolves. The clock’s hands never stop. And with it, the wheels of change are set into motion. It creeps in slowly, inch by inch.

Every day is just another day. And yet, it is not.

To make some days stand out, we give them a meaning, a name, or a reason. Even your birthday. Yet there are many who see no reason to celebrate the day they were born. (I do.)

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Øyvind Nyborg